Branding Styleguide

Brand Creation Steps

Naming - Brand Name Development

This is the process of developing a brand name for a company or for goods. The result of professional naming is the creation of a memorable and unique name.

Creating a Logo

This is one of the most important attributes of the brand. Quite difficult work, requiring a professional approach and creative solutions.

Development of the Slogan

This is the motto, which in a compressed form transmits an advertising message about the brand, to attract the attention of the target audience.

Create a Site

The site is the face of the brand on the Internet. Development from business cards and online stores to large non-standard projects, modern adaptive design.


How the brand creation process goes

Define a Business Challenge

The reasons that required the creation of a new brand. Goals that the company wants to achieve with a new or updated brand.

Strategy Development

What does the company do, what do consumers think about the company? Who do we address our messages to? What we will talk about in communication with customers. Positioning.


Logo, corporate style, haidline, the whole set of necessary identity. We define the channels of communication of the brand with the target audience.

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